He is an Kämpher model that's Male.


Four count that's four damn arms!!!



Gun Arm-He has an gatling-gun arm and it can turn into a rocket launcher.

Activation & Deactivation-He can turn on any mechanical even biological[Hearts and Brains] objects.

Technology Manipulation-He can control technology with his mind being a Drake model.

Weapon Infusion-He can make any weapons apart of his body at will when ever he gets board with the weapons he just takes thhem out.

Psionic Shield-He is immune to all psychic powers even psyoic healing.

Nuclear Manipulation-Like Gamma and Negron he can control nuclear radiation and even pollution.

Reactive Adaptation-In any incounter he changes to meet the cause which makes it hard to beat him.

Quantum Manipulation- He can go into any demintion with his power like all members of the I.I.A.


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