Grizzly and vile but intelligent aliens who tried to take over Mu but was stopped by Nègron and some members of the I.I.A

Known Bor'ag

Kakashi D'rok-An egotistic Bor'ag assassin

Kamikage-The Mu Deity of shadows was a Bor'ag before he got his powers.

Fata-Goddess of Fortunes

Gypsy-Is an Omnipresent and Omnifarious being who is the Queen of Bor'ag was in love with Nègron and tried to bring him back but failed.

Sunny Dèjes-Like all Bor'ag of high social status is an Hermaphrodite[or just really androgynous] she can change people's gender.

Bushido Joe-Bor'ag Swordsmaster.

Hermit Harold-An powerful Sennin who is the father of Deox and Shoki and Ta'chalè

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