De Silva

De Silva

Hannah Gillian, aka De Silva, is probably the overally most powerful memeber of Odd Sorts, and arguably the most dangerous. Possessing Psionic Manipulative powers means that Hannah is one of the most powerful psychic power uses on earth; however people such as her own mother, Annette Gillian, and her older sister, Celine Gillian are obviously more powerful due to there excessive control over it, but Hannah's true force is yet to be revealed and it's been hinted she's a lot more dangerous than she looks, even now.

Basic Information 

Real Name: Hannah Katie Gillian

Alias: De Silva, Hannah-Spanner, Emo-Hannah

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignmant: Good

Race: Gifted Human


Hannah Katie Gillian was born as the middle of three children to Rory Gillian and Annette Marie Clark, both Gifted Humans, on the 19th of May, 1996; she had one elder sister, Celine Lela Gillian who inherited their respective powers from their mother like Hannah, and one younger brother named Daniel Rory Gillian, who inherited their father's power of just telepathy. Hannah grew up in Devon like the rest of the team, meeting Jonas Robert Roach and Schyluer Dawny in primary school, the three becoming inseperable because of their common enemy of school bullies.

One day, whilst in a traffic jam on their way to Cornwall, the seemingly powerless Hannah had a heat stroke and all the cars around there's began to rise into the air; at this, Annette realised her younger daughter was also a Psionic Manipulator and decided to train her, but she was too busy fighting villains of her own most of the time, and was unable to teach Hannah how to control it, leaving her to discover herself. Much to her delight, Hannah soon discovered both Schyluer and Jonas possessed powers of their own, meaning she didn't feel like a danger to her best friends anymore.

Secondary school was only going to bring more good news for Hannah, when she met three other people all with strange abilities: Margaret Ann Castle (a reptilian commander and hypnotist), Clay Marks (who had Ichthyoid Control) & Clay's best friend Gino Foster Pacheno (An elemental manipulator). The six teenagers quickly set about forming their own hero team to fight evil, but Hannah lied to the others, downplaying her own abilities, and even now they are unaware of her true power. Nor are they aware of her crush on Clay.


Hannah can often appear moody, down-beat and somewhat whiny, causing Gino to nickname her 'Emo-Hannah', combined with the fact she preffered to wear darker clothing. She has a habit of acting immature in some situations, difficult and annoying, but it's simply to hide her abilities from the others by putting herself in a bad light, although she does truly possess these qualities to some extent. Her powers are a constant sorce of scariness for her, and she both loves and hates the immense power she possesses at the same time; loving the amount of power she has, but hating the lack of control she possesses.

Despite these negative traits, Hannah can be fun-loving, insightful and intelligent in some aspects, especially on the social scale; regardless of her 'emo' status, Hannah has a large amount of friends also part of the emo/gothic sub-culture, not just her other friends. She also often pretends to be a bad liar to the others, and in reality is brilliant at it, fooling the others into believing her to just be a standard telekinetic and telepath which, although she dislikes doing, believes that it is in fact for her friends better interests. 

Hannah can be shown to have a mysterious but elegant personality. She could best be described as calculating, but often can act irrationally and immaturely in the face of danger, acting especially reckless and foolish when worrying that her secret about her powers might be found out. She has a hopeless crush on Clay, and despite often appearing confident, she is unable to tell him how she feels, instead acting like a blushing, giggling idiot around him. Hannah can act also petulant and spoiled, but at the same time overly cautious to the point of paranoia and vindictiveness. This is due to her immense power and immense danger ordeal.


§  .  Psionic Manipulation-The user can use any and all psychic powers.

  • Psionic Drain</li>
  • Telekinesis</li>
  • Biological Manipulation</li>
  • Cosmic Manipulation</li>
  • Circadian Control</li>
  • Flight/Supersonic Flying</li>
  • Force-Field Generation</li>
  • Healing</li>
  • Levitation</li>
  • Light Manipulation</li>
  • Magnetism Manipulation</li>
  • Molecular Manipulation</li>
  • Creation</li>
  • Destruction</li>
  • Self-Molecular Manipulation</li>
  • Tactile Telekinesis</li>
  • Psionic Strength</li>
  • Replication</li>
  • Sound Manipulation</li>
  • Spatial Manipulation</li>
  • Subatomic Manipulation</li>
  • Self-Subatomic Manipulation</li>
  • Elemental Manipulation</li>
  • Elemental Transmutation/Matter Transmutation</li>


    • Control: Hannah's biggest weakness is herself, her lack of control and understanding of her powers mean she can be extremely dangerous at times. If highly emotional or upset, her powers can shoot off and cause critical damage. This is probably due to her mother being too busy fighting evil herself, and her sister not really caring enough, to teach her full control.
    • Mental Blocking: If someone was to block Hannah's mind, her power would be totally severed as long as the other person kept their control over her brain. After being realised, it could take her up to ten vital minutes to regain her important abilities to defend herself, leaving her vulnerable to attack.


    • Odd Sorts
    • Team No-One
    • Celine Gillian/Amouress 
    • New Army 
    • Annette Gillian/Chancer


    • Manik 
    • Vortex
    • Negative Corp.
    • Daniel Powers
    • Sun Dawn Project
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