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The Orbiter
The Orbiter
How Denila sees when she is using Telekinetic Teleportation.


Denila Omitos

Special Name

The Orbiter




5ft 9inchs





Alien Race



Telekinetic Teleportation, Cosmic Manipulation, and Astrokinetic Combat

Basic character design

  • Result of Base Design
  • The Base Design
  • A look at her Power

The Narect

They are a humanoid alien race that has exsisted for almost a billion years. Through natural evolution they have gained the ablity of Telekinetic Teleportation. This power has allowed there planet to survive multiple planetary devastations that would have ordinaraly destroyed it. As well as this they can travel anywhere in the universe without the need of spacecrafts. In terms of power, they are perhaps the third most powerful of races. The most current of generations and more specificly Denila have begun to learn how to manipulate the cosmos.

Other Factors I'm willing to Indulge

  • She's a bit snob-ish
  • She may have the ability to alter how the universes mechanics work

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