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Vital Information

Real Names: Alexei Markovich, Elena Markovich

Aliases: None

Ages: 24, 24

Genders: Male, Female

Alignments: Neutral, Neutral

Races: Mutant, Mutant

Goals: To serve Russia and their government

Character Biography

Alexei and Elena Markovich were twins born in Russia, the Russian government discovered that they had extremely malleable genomes and proceeded to experiment on them, they raised them and molded them into patriotic superheroes whos only goal was to serve the Russian government.


Flint is brash, cocky and fiercely protective over his sister, Steel is cold, calculating and pushes away her brother's protectivity.

Powers and Abilities


  • Stone Mimicry
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Durability


  • Metal Mimicry
    • Amorphous Physiology
    • Natural Weaponry

When making phsyical contact with each other:

  • Flight
  • Fire Blasts - Flint and Steel can emit explosive blasts of heat

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