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She is an omnifarious being who can take on any form and has an archangel inside of her.

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She is no idiot she is smarter then the adverage human and no one can fool her she is always in uniform and wears an mask so you won't reconigize her.She is apart of Team Luck


She is the exact opposite of her brother Gen'yū Kurotsuchi she is mean, crude and bossy she is very controling and is in on Gen'yu's mission.

Normal Powers


Elemental Consumption-

Water Manipulation-

Soul Reading-

Ascended Physiology-

Psammokinetic Combat-

Hyperkinetic Exertion-

Gyrokinetic Combat-

Accelerated Probability-

Power Infusion-

Supernatural Endurance-


Super Speed-


Subconscious Manifestation-

Literary Manipulation-


Physical Restoration-

Aerial Combat Mastery-

Archangel Physiology-

Holy Fire Manipulation-

Inertia Absorption-

Gyrokinetic Combat-

Divine Force Manipulation-

Quintessence Force-



Space-Time Manipulation-


  • She is not as powerful as her brother
  • Maribelle is bossy and doesn't like helping people.

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