You know the scourge of being human? To have a mind that outperforms the confinements of reality, yet do not have the power and instruments to understand that statehood in it's fullest. Like prisoners who are able to gaze at the outside world, but nor participate in it. We're like those children whose parent won't let them play with the other kids. Not out of protection or love, but out of control. What aggravates it? You set us up to fall with the goal that you could trick these numbskulls into accepting you're some sort of legend.You don't have the foggiest idea about the principal thing about being human - to be human is to be weak to rise above your restrictions . To be the "maiden in-trouble" for a Deity with a guardian angel complex. That is the thing that I am Yahweh. The sign of that tension. That scorn. That longing for adaptability that every living creature has the benefit to apply for an open entryway for In any case, don't stress, I'm only a asshole to individuals like you - gracious incredible "I AM".

–Acheron to God regarding the curse he subjects his creations to.

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Real Name John Strife
Race Human (Demiurge)
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Birthday October 14
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Designation College Student
Affiliation Unknown
Profession "Deity"
Base of Operations Chicago
Relatives Amber Joy (Cousin)
Arlene Bandy (Mother)
Haywood Smith (Father)
Daisey Turner (Aunt)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Meta Transcendence
Existential Perfection
Weaknesses Family
Production Details
Voiced By Drake Bell

John Strie is a transcendent being who was born from the existential void set within the heart of a mortal - after that same mortal ventured into said void and was almost overwhelmed by the vast power of nonexistence, he mustered the will to shout the tantamount "I Am" into the darkness, empowering his own personal reality in the process.This powerful sense of either arrogance or self awareness sparked his capability to maintain his individuality, preventing him from becoming another vacuum similar to the very one he had overcome. Thus, he utilized the power of nonexistence to transcend his nature as a created being.



Upon inheriting the Void's power, ...




Mankind was in a mess. They were weak against the imperceptible drive that abused them without even their knowing. There was no enchantment or supernatural occurrences to take pride and comfort in. No plan to stick on to when endeavoring to get away from the spirit smashing unremarkableness of their lives. The existentialist, a gathering of people who were completely mindful of this the truth, were no happier. As they carried on a horrible polarity: information without power. In spite of the fact that they knew their circumstance, they were frail to change it less they challenge the very god that forced it. What great would that do? They would be butchered on each conceivable answer if the god even gave a seeing look towards the gathering. On the off chance that it involved equity, he would be demonstrated honest. On the off chance that a matter of quality? There is even no compelling reason to talk on that, as the result is self-evident. So what was there left to do? Nothingness would be their exclusive relief from the torment. Existential suicide. They would gladly approach his position of authority of elegance in look for their destruction. Why might they look for peace from such a creature? One who destroyed them their each wander? They had no other decision. They would need to swallow their pride and feeling of good uprightness so they could at long last experience peace.

Keeping in mind the end goal to additionally smother his kin under the bogus thought of consideration, the god known as Yahweh allowed them their relief. They were thrown before Ex Nihilo; the Shadow of God. The epitome of nothingness. As it's red eye scowled at them with the mind-boggling force of nonexistence, everything except one was taken into the void. The other? He took the void inside himself. 

It was a peculiar event without a doubt. However, he figured out how to take an individualized fracture of the Void into himself. How was he equipped for doing this? Why didn't he simply acknowledge the devastation he so frantically wanted? For reasons unknown, in the wake of coming this far, he couldn't proceed with it. He didn't fear demolition. So demise's primal dread had no impact on him. However, as the nothing stripped him of every single hid aspect of his temperament, he found the reason he looked for the substance of God, that he might be brought before dead. To end his anguish, or to be more particular, to be free of Yahweh. Pulverizing the Divinity was not up for exchange. In this way, leaving himself to nothingness was his lone respite. 

Another layer was evacuated, and just as the obscurity was gradually conveying him to the light of his thought processes, he heard cries of mankind who endure in the Universes bound to YHWH's Contract. It was then that he genuinely recognized what his actual reason for existing was. He understood that before him stood a chance to pick up the power important to remain before his oppressor without dread of endless torment. The Void had been whispering in his heart, shouting to him even as was devastating him. The last stride was starting. Before it obliterated him he declared into the primal dread "I Am!" embodying his whole quintessence into the minute start of nothingness that was acquired by him through turning the tides on the Void. 

As the Void devastated everything that dislike it, the start survived and crossed the limit into the primary bit. A such, the other primordial particles started combine about him until a request was built up by his cognizant plan. Another creation was conceived. One that held the ability to adjust it's close to home limits freely; or venture outside of the world in which these limits overwhelmed him completely. With the full force of primordial creation now being indistinguishable from his quintessence, he utilized these forces to escape from the endless sea of confusion, through the Void and translocated himself back inside the nearness of his tormentor.


Powers & Abilities

Power: Meta Transcendence, Primordial Force Physiology

Abilities: Ultimate Fighter, Unrestricted Murdering, Freedom, Planeswalking, Transcendent Negation

Innate: Supernatural Beauty,Omni-Intuition, Enhanced Wisdom, Indomitable Will





John Strife is a representation of the author's own existential depression and represents how he would possibly go about things if given the opportunity.

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