HNI 0028 MPO

In his male form he is nice and skillful.

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He is so cool.


He is an multi-talented human/Yokai hybrid his an master at the medical arts.He is known as an womanizer in Mu and is really nice and loyal but he has an saditic side to him he tries to surpress when in his true form.


Sexual Inducement-

Drug Usage-


Sleep Inducement-

Power Echo-

Mental Inducement-

Automatically Enhanced Ability Acquisition-

Body Language Analysis-

Pheromone Manipulation-

Adoptive Muscle Memory-

Biological Assimilation-

Biological Manipulation-

Digestive Shapeshifting-

Infinite Digestive System-

Mutation Inducement-

Aura Manipulation-

Force Armor Generation-

Metabolic Manipulation-

Electricity Aura-

Age Manipulation-

Matter Transmutation-

2nd Heart-



The sun and warm soda


His name means'll see

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