This article, Omniversal Redirection, is property of Dream Chronicles.


The ability to redirect or manipulate the direction of anything that exists like objects, thoughts, and even the effects of abilities as well as the ability itself that targets this ability and its effects like causality manipulation, Power negation, Power absorption, Power Manipulation, Boundary manipulation and even Nonexistence, to a specific directional path or target anywhere in time and space without being affected by it whilst removing other possible directions they can take from existence, and be forced to travel to the desired choosen direction or any especific target of the user. This leaves the target to move only on the given path. This ability can only be done by swinging or pointing the tip of the sword "Pearl of the Orient" to the desired path.


  • this can redirect any abilities and there effect to anywhere in time and space without being affected by its rules
  • this can also redirect thoughts and can make the user and others like abilities or dimetions invisible to anyones perception.

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