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An artistic representation of the process of self-creation - A hand drawing itself to draw itself.

Power/Ability to:

Create one's self out of nothing.

The ability to create one's self out of nothing. Variation of Omnipotence aimed towards unrestricted self creation.

Also Called

  • Aseity
  • Autopoiesis
  • Self-Creation
  • Spontaneous Self Existence
  • Sui Ex Nihilo (Latin phrase for "self from nothing" or "self out of nothing")


Sui-Genesis (from the Latin word sui [so͞oi], meaning "self" or "of oneself", and genesis [ˈdʒɛnɪsɪs], meaning "beginning, origin, or generation") is the ability to create one's self out from nothing without limit or condition.

User of this ability is the undisputed god and creator of himself whose entire being belong to nothing else. With absolute authority over every aspect of his own existence, user is a self-omnipotent force capable of sustaining and manipulating his being without limit.


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