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Colossal frying-pan hands, big hulking physique and he is the personification of destruction.Wears the old I.I.A uniform.The I.I.A is afraid of him joining The Rebellion so they keep him on his feet with stupid missions.


He's as mean as they come.He's a Berserker.


  • Battle Ax
  • Shiva-Is his arme maudite.


  • Berserker Physiology-He really was trained as an blood-thursty warrior.He is the only thing that can stand up to Gonzo Bravo.
  • Hemapotent Replication-When someone's blood gets on him he can copy there power and personality.This power is temporary and it takes all of powers of the enemy's abilities.
  • Business Intuition-He may not look like it but he is quite the Business man.He once hassled a dozen stockholders into giving him their stocks.He even ran the I.I.A's treasury department.





Trivia or request

  • Tensai is Japanese for "Destruction"
  • Tensai is named after 'Lord Tensai' of the 'WWE'.-
  • Tensai Trained Susano'O

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