The conspiracy cult was made by EX members of the I.I.A ond the grand army who knows what is happening to dead and alive soldiers.

The Truth

The I.I.A and Grand Army are making soldiers into living weapons[Arme Maudite] and using them to take over the world while there active phantoms are being killed by them.Most of the human weapons are dangerous together but some who keep their human memories are even more powerful thanGonzo Bravo and φDrake Hellsing.

The reason

They kept Calix alive so that he can take down the I.I.A and The grand army.

The leader Çzech

Çzech Bomma is the well respected leader of the cult.He has morality empowerment and gains power from good,evil and neutral people.
More characters by 13maxx-d4vw5kc

These are other members of the cult.

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