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The Dark One




Dark One












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The Dark One is a mysterious person.




Hot-tempered and polite.

Abilities Powers

Curse Spells: The Dark One has the ability to lay a negative effect upon whatever he desire.

  • Curse of Agony: Causes the victim much pain.
  • Curse of Exhaustion: Reduces the victims fatigeu and stamina.
    • Curse of Weakness: A stronger version. Adds a reduce the victim's strength and also makes the them more fagile.

Demonic Summon: __ can summon demons from hell to fight for him.

  • Succubus: __ can summon a succubus. He uses them to persuade people.

Demonic Physiology: Posses the physical body of a demon.

  • Supernatural Condition: Achieve a physical and metal that is beyond normal beings.
  • Demonic Empowerment: The ability to gain power from the demonic forces he summons.
    • Charm: When he has a succubus summoned, he is able to persuade the opposite sex.

Demonic Flames: Able to summon and control demonic green flames of hell. Theses flames are hotter than normal flames and can not be removed through normal means.


Limited time curses: His instant curses aren't permanent. His most powerful curses only last up to a hour. However, much more harder curses are permantent or longer-lasting.

Limited demons: He can only have one demon summoned at a time. He should have up to three max, but this consume much of his magical power.

Limited demon form: He is limit to how long he can stay in that form and power to what demon(s) he has out.

Limited control over powers: He needs his staff to help control his flames and demons otherwise they might backfire on him or turn against him.

Belief Nullification: Those who believe in their religion or faith are immune to most of his spells. Also, religious artifacts (i.e. holy water, crosses, etc.) weaken him.


Staff: This staff allows him to control his curse and demons.

Spell Book: This book has list of spells(i.e. others ways of summoning demons and diffent curses.)


The character was inspired by the warlock class (World of Warcraft)

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