These are just some category suggestions that I am throwing out there. With these categories pages should not be able to fall under more than one. Keeping it clean and easy to browse through.

Let me know what you think and feel free to add or criticize.


  • Character
    • Characters with (color) hair
    • Characters with (color) eyes
    • Characters with (color) skin
    • Characters with (level) power
    • Characters Gender
    • Character Species
    • Character Template
    • Character World/Universe
    • Character Creator/Author
    • Characters Alignment (Good/Evil/Hero/Neutral)
  • World/Universe
  • Template (Werewolf/Vampire)
  • Organization (The Justice League)
  • Item(s) (The Master Sword)
  • Species (Human/Alien)
  • Universe (Marvel/Heromainia Universe)

Note: I do have a suggestion for power levels, but I will address that in my next blog post.

Note: I also second the Category:Art Request idea that TUSF had.

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