Before I Contribute

I want it to be known what my dreams are and how they relate to what I do here. I am currently trying to get a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics. After I achieve this goal I am going to get a job for a video game company and work as a programmer until I have enough pull to work on one of my own ideas for a game. I may attempt to publish a small scale flash game before I make a large scale one. I am currently teaching myself HTML and CSS, working on my art skills, and story righting/character development skills. Now you can see how what I do here relates.

I have been gaming sense I was 2 years old and beat my first game at age 3 (The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past). I know games and what it takes to make them good and what it takes to make them great. I've seen the sharp decline in good games over the past few years and it saddens me. I hope to be the metaphorical blacksmith of the katana. While everyone else is using molds to make a lot of weak swords I will spend days making one elegant and powerful blade.

No matter what I write or do on this wiki I want your honest opinion. Just as I intend on giving you mine.

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