So I've been fooling around with templates and trying to emplament them into our wiki. I have borrowed most of what I have added and semi-made my own. I'll give you a list here of what are currently available. Please let me know if we need anymore.

Current Templates

Example box
{{scroll box| content= Example box}}

This one you should all be familiar with. A simple scroll box for large lists that take up to much room.

This article is a Work in Progress.


This template is courtesy of one of our MIA Admins TUSF. It is for designating an article that is a Work in Progress and will add the article to the WIP category automatically.

This article, Freyr, Lord of Change/Templates!, is property of your username.

{{Property|<insert name here>}}

This template is used to mark your pages as your property. Any article with property tags should not be edited by anyone other than the name listed as the owner. This template will automatically add the article to the category of the user. Also added by TUSF.

This article contains materials that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


This template is used to designate any article that contains mature content and will automatically add the page to the Mature category. Any page that contains excess violence, cursing, blood/gore, or sexual descriptors needs to have this template to warn other users.

This is the Quote Template

–Freyr, Lord of Change, Templates! blog

{{Quote|This is the Quote Template|Freyr, Lord of Change|Templates! blog}}

This is what it says it is. If you want to make a quote form a character stick out then this is the template to use. You can add the quote, who said it, and where they said it at.

<insert name here>


An interesting new template that I just added. I also had to add a "media" page with a lot of Java Script with the help of KidVegeta, the head Admin of the DBZ fanon wiki.

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