• Hstringer985


    January 29, 2013 by Hstringer985

    I want to make an organization like Hydra or A.I.M. who specialize is dealing weapons and technology, usually stolen. They are called R.A.V.E.N and i would like their name to be an acronym. he ones I hve so far are fairly awful so any suggestions are welcome. Mine so far are:

    Racket of Violators of Ethicality and Nobility (Stylized Ra.V.E.N.)

    Reign of Villany, Evil and Nefariousness (Stylized R.A.V.E.N.)

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  • Hstringer985

    Not sure on a name?

    December 17, 2012 by Hstringer985

    I'm not sure what to name my character, currently she is called Ikon and she has the power of Runic Magic (which is basically the power to create things, cause events to happen and command people and objects to commit an action via writing magical runes on the surface of the target or in mid-air) and I am torn between Ikon (her current name) Ikonix, Ikonex, Glyph, Glyphix and Glyph Girl (I know). So please just post your opinions in the comments, thanks. 

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  • Hstringer985


    May 6, 2012 by Hstringer985

    A villain is keeping an innocent captive in a cave, infested with giant snakes. He is preparing a teleportation spell and you are 3 miles away from the cave.

    Click the random button, if you don't get a character page click again if you get a team page , pick a member, if you get someone to powerfulpivk again, if you get someone too weak pick again

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