(RolePlay between: Imouto, Night Raid Akame, Flames Of Phoenix, Slayer-Shinkage, Minkyrainy, Holokami, AncientAlphaGear, Kilel, DemonIceman, and The Tactician Robin)

Alexandra Brantini sunbathed on the top of her all-terrain combat mecha, Loliminati. She chewed on the straw that was in her half empty soda bottle, and adjusted her sun hat, to shade her from the sweltering heat of the sun that loomed over head. Though she may have looked like a snobby rich brat, just inside of her cooler where she had her soda bottles, she had a, large golden revolver, and another big, highly modified plasma rifle laying right next to her.

She checked a digital clock on the inside of her Magi-Com constantly, fully expecting her manager to show up on the dot, and not a second later. Timing for a idol singer who is also an elite mecha pilot was crucial, there was no point walking around as an one-woman arsenal if you were too late to save anyone with your music or your piloting skills. Mobility was as much important as strength and firepower.

She sighed, and grabbed her electric bass, strumming in it experimentally, tuning it, and then finally playing a sweet riff, singing softly with her bewitching, melodious voice. The AI pilot, Juliet, went into standby mode, meanwhile, listening to the beautiful song. Juliet had known her for quite a while, and they both knew each other's quirks, dislikes, and likes.

She had already received permission from her manager to do this tour the way she had planned. It would take, in total, around two months, the first would be spent performing free concerts and participating the Grand Destiny Star Games, expanding her fan base, and the next month would be for the more....exciting concerts. Singers needed to be resourceful, and understand how to sing when all the odds were against them.

These days would be hard for her, as well. She had received information that one of her old teachers would be a participant in this summer's Grand Destiny Star Games. She would have to make sure that her supply of guava flavored Omnipotent sodas were greater than usual. She wanted to be as hydrated as possible. Additionally, she needed a quick resupply of Lobster burritos, she deserved a long, thick burrito at the end of each event.

She smiled, still playing her electric bass, and singing, even as she saw the crowd forming around the base of her mecha.

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