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  • I was born on February 22
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  • TUSF

    Ah, yes. Here we go. This is a roleplay of course. Neçoní-us is an explorer at heart, and often jumps between universes to expand his vast knowledge. He doesn't do too frequent jumps, but usually when he feels he needs the time off.

    Breif Summary:

    Now he has wandered into your own world, while on a vacation away from his own, after having what you'd call a rough few years. But Neconi-us is an outsider, and a being of extra-dimensional origins coming into your world may be a threat, or he may be an assit.

    Pick one of your characters, good or bad, and respond in the comics. We'll RP there. Anyone else, try to keep out. If you wish to talk OOC (Out of Character) use Double Parrenthises, ((Like so)). When everything is said in done, we can possib…

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  • TUSF


    May 5, 2012 by TUSF

    Alright, here we go! Roleplaying is where two or more people take the roles of characters, and act them out. What I was thinking was that people could assemble their characters, and create storylines.

    For example, I want to roleplay, so I could either,

    1. Create a blog post, stating a request to Roleplay, with one of my characters, (Neconi-us for example)
    2. Or edit onto the article with my character, that I would like to request a Roleplay, near the bottom, perhaps in a section called "Request".

    I would leave information, or ask that they contact me on my Talk Page if they wish to Roleplay, and we'd find a story to work from.

    How exactly you'd go about doing this is up to you for the most part. However, if you create a page, where you'll Roleplay, b…

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  • TUSF

    Here's the Sit-Rep!

    May 2, 2012 by TUSF

    Alright, everything seems to be going good. Last night I finished a Character Data template for convinience, and the extended version, which includes sections for History, Personality, and such. I think I'm going to enjoy this Wiki, and once had a similar idea, but I never actually did it. Props to Truth™ for going on ahead and doing it.

    There are ofcourse, a few topics I want to go over. Some of this is actually questions to Truth, and the community for input.

    Most of us joined/will join this wiki to express a story, and I doubt many of you will be able to keep it in one page. Many of us are going to want to include Relatives, enemies, and all the sort. I was thinking that perhaps, for these interwineing topics, we would link these pages th…

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