Alright, here we go! Roleplaying is where two or more people take the roles of characters, and act them out. What I was thinking was that people could assemble their characters, and create storylines.

Requesting a Roleplay

For example, I want to roleplay, so I could either,

  1. Create a blog post, stating a request to Roleplay, with one of my characters, (Neconi-us for example)
  2. Or edit onto the article with my character, that I would like to request a Roleplay, near the bottom, perhaps in a section called "Request".

I would leave information, or ask that they contact me on my Talk Page if they wish to Roleplay, and we'd find a story to work from.

Starting the Roleplay, and Roleplaying

How exactly you'd go about doing this is up to you for the most part. However, if you create a page, where you'll Roleplay, be sure to name the page "Roleplay:Name of Roleplay/Story" and add a category tag, Category:Story.

What I would do is make a page, following the steps above, and Roleplay through the comments. When completed (or over time) add the text to the text to the page itself, leaving out OOCs, and fixing it up to look more appropriate for a story.

Another idea would be to co-write, taking turns in creating this story and such.


When everything is said and done, I would then go back to my Neconi-us page, and do two things. First I would add to his story everything that occured. Then I would add a section, "Refferences" under trivia, and post a link to the Roleplay page. (You could also simply leave it in the "Trivia" section, if you have one.


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