Yo I'm thinking for this month's Hero Vs.hero match should be the ultimate cross-over event.So what do you guys think?

Characters Involved

Like always one of my characters will be in it but unlike the first one this one will feature four characters [five counting my own]

Power Level Range

The range for the characters all have to be in the Level:1-10 to be apart of it.


Anyone can RolePlay in this one so all characters are allowed in it only if I knew what it was.

This is no RolePlaying adventure

This is not an Roleplay it's an story separate from any actual storyline.User:TUSF is over all RPing on the wiki.


I need five characters but I only need four more to start on the story.Texas Law [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]


What is RolePlaying?So can someone please explain it to me?

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