More raphael by quesogr7-d57a5ck

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Mental Space
The Basic look


Rafael Febus




5ft 8inchs



Alien Race:



Space-Time Manipulation, Mental Space, Shape-shifting, & Darkness Manipulation


Personality: Simple and somewhat straightforward kinda of person with a fair amount of popularity. Gets a bit reckless if angered. Wide imagination and likes coming up with super powered stories. Will back up his friends if he sees them in trouble. Does tend to slack of school work in favor of chatting with friends.

Basic Alien Design

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A sketch from QuesoGr7
Raphael by quesogr7-d4wb27m

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The Volnoris

The Volnoris are not as old as the Entillian but are still very powerful but not on reality warping level. They are also multiversal beings. There are only 8 Volnoris as they only breed once every one billion or so years. The Voloris’s main abilities are to create and manipulate space as well as manipulate time. Though they are capable of manipulating Darkness as well. The closes I can describel of their real form is that of living space.

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